Dunhuang Art The Grottoes
Figure 1: Scene of Cave 420 This cave is of a typical Sui style. It is a square
This cave has an antechamber constructed of wood with an eave (Figure 1) supported by
This is one of the most prominent caves of the Early Tang. It is small and square w
This cave has a more popular name — the Nine Storey Building, and is Mogaoku’s land
This is a square cave with zaojing (inset ceiling) and a single large niche in the m
This cave has some Sui and earlier features, but at the same time consists of new st
This is a mid-sized, Early Tang cave with an antechamber and a corridor. The main squ
This cave has a truncated pyramidal ceiling with a lotus motif in the zaojing (square
Figure 1: Statues in the main niche, west wallDating from the golden age of Dunhuang,
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