Dunhuang Art The Grottoes
Figure 1: Zaojing and Thousand-Buddha motif This is a square cave with a truncated p
Figure 1: Parable of the Conjured City chapter & bright green Landscape, south wall
Figure 1: Maitreya, the Southern Giant Buddha (26m high) This cave contains a colossa
Figure 1: The Nirvana Cave, Cave 148 This cave has a transverse rectangular layout (17
Figure 1: Mahathasma, west wallThis cave has a square layout, truncated pyramidal ceilin
Figure 1: The southwest part of Cave 159This cave is in the style of a small assembl
Figure 1: Central pillar of Cave 14This cave has a central pillar with a large niche
This cave is located on the ground level at the north end of the southern section of
Figure 1: opening of Cave 17 on Cave 16’s corridor This cave, entered through the
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