Dunhuang Art The Grottoes
Figure 1: Maitreya, west wall It is one of the oldest caves in Mogao and has survi
Figure 1: Cave 254 This cave is one of the most fabulous constructed in the fifth ce
This is a central-pillared cave with a flat ceiling at the back and a gable ceiling
This cave has a square chamber with a flat ceiling at the back and gable ceiling at
This cave has a truncated pyramidal ceiling with zaojing, which was a new fashion in
This cave has a pyramidal ceiling with a square zaojing. It was constructed between 53
This is a central-pillared cave, with a flat ceiling around the pillar and a gable ce
Figure 1: The main niche (west wall) This cave is a square assembly hall with a trun
Figure 1: Cave 428, the largest cave in the Northern Dynasties This central-pillared ca
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